Northwoods Walk Throw 50″W x 60″L


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The patched pictures in this Quilt will make you feel as if you are in a cottage in the middle of a forest with coniferous trees and birds flying above it in the sky, while the beasts and moose stroll around and fish in the pond. This colourful design will calm and inspire your senses.

  • 100% Cotton handmade reversible double sided Quilt.
  • Hand quilted , not machine quilted. Original traditional quilting .
  • Reverses to homespun fabric, yarn dyed fabric backing .
  • Hand appliqued, real applique parts. Not printed.
Care Instruction:
Machine washable. Washes well. Avoid bleach or strong chemicals. Use gentle hand wash cycle. Machine dry .Air fluff.
Special Note:
Colors on your screen may not be an exact match. Please ask for swatches when in doubt. Custom made sizes and winter weight filling available. Contact us for more details.